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  • Canal Tours Copenhagen is a wonderful way of seeing Copenhagen.

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  • You will get to experience Copenhagen in the way the locals do and you will hear all the fun stories about our city.

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    Until a few years ago, Danish food was essentially associated with potatoes and bacon, and Danish cuisine was completely unknown outside the country. Not anymore. Over the last decade, the New Nordic Cuisine has revolutionised Danish gastronomy and created an entirely new focus on local ingredients. It has meant a renaissance of classic Danish dishes, which are currently available in modern versions at several of Copenhagen's best restaurants. Even so, many Danes still love to eat very traditional foods like porridge, open sandwiches and the classic roast pork with parsley sauce - of course served with a glass of good Danish beer. Copenhagen is very popular among gourmets. Some tourists come to Copenhagen for just one day to dine at the best restaurant in the world Noma, standing on the waiting list for a single month.

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  • Take a sightseeing tour to 3 spectacular castles north of Copenhagen. We leave Copenhagen and travel up the Riviera road to Helsingør. As we travel along we have a beautiful view of the Øresund Strait with the Swedish coast beyond.

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  • Enhance your sightseeing experience of Copenhagen, Denmark's beautiful capital city, on a 3 or 4-hour introductory sightseeing tour.

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  • A royal hermitage set in the King’s Garden in the heart of Copenhagen, Rosenborg Castle features 400 years of splendor, royal art treasures and the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia. Rosenborg Castle was built by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV, in the early 17th century.

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  • Christiansborg Palace, located on the tiny island of Slotsholmen, contains the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. Parts of the palace are used by the Royal Family for various functions and events. The Royal Reception Rooms include The Tower Room and The Oval Throne Room where foreign ambas- sadors to Denmark are received by the Queen. The Throne Room gives access to the balcony where the Danish monarchs are proclaimed. Unique Tapestries. The Great Hall is the most imposing room in the palace. This is where you will find the Queen's tapestries. The Danish business community marked the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Mar- grethe II's 50th birthday in 1990 by ordering a gift of 11 tapestries. Bjørn Nørgaard painted the full-size sketches upon which the tapestries were woven.

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  • Amalienborg Palace is a must for anyone with a taste for royal history and the life of Denmark’s royal family who still resides inside the palace.

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  • Discover the most wonderful things about the inner city, the fantastic choice of exquisite fashion and designer shops.

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  • Discover the fascinating history of Denmark’s second largest city on this 3-hour walking tour of Aarhus.

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  • For many years Copenhagen’s quarter Vesterbro was known as the rough and naughty neighborhood and was not a place for decent citizens to visit. Today Vesterbro is trendy, and creative, where cafés and fashion shops without losing its edgy ambiance.

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  • Copenhagen - the city where H.C.Andersen lived and wrote most of his fairy tales.

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  • Enhance your sightseeing experience of Copenhagen, Denmark's beautiful capital city, on a 4 or 5-hours introductory sightseeing tour & Visiting the Rosenborg Palace.

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  • Enhance your sightseeing experience of Copenhagen, Denmark's beautiful capital city, on a 4 or 5-hours introductory sightseeing tour & Visiting Christiansborg Palace

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  • Enhance your sightseeing experience of Copenhagen, Denmark's beautiful capital city, on a 4 or 5-hours introductory sightseeing tour & Visiting Amalienborg Palace

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  • Enhance your sightseeing experience of Copenhagen, Denmark's beautiful capital city, on a 4 or 5-hours introductory sightseeing tour & Canal Cruise.

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  • Carlsberg is among the largest tourist attractions in Copenhagen and now you have the opportunity to get closer to the roots of Carlsberg, the history and the beer.

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  • The Queen and Prince Consort live at the Fredensborg Palace for extended periods of time. And in 2004, the Crown Prince couple took permanent residence in the Chancellery House. However now they live at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The beautiful Baroque-style palace is often the setting for important events in the lives of the Royal Family, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, and the Queen also receives Heads of State from all over the world at Fredensborg.

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  • Meet your private guide for a four-hour walking tour through the most interesting and beautiful parts of the city. You will see great buildings of both old and new masters and be inspired by the best of the classic and contemporary Danish design.

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  • Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The elegant castle has both served as home for the royal family until the late 1600’s, but also as an active military fortress. Towering on a promontory in Northern Zealand, Kronborg faces the sound between Elsinore and Helsingborg in Sweden.

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  • Frederiksborg Palace is situated on three islets in the castle lake in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. The palace, which is surrounded by the beautiful Frederiksborg Palace Garden, was built in the Dutch Renaissance style at the beginning of the 1600s by King Christian 4. The palace was built in Dutch Renaissance style by King Christian 4 in the 17th century. After a devastating fire in the middle of the 19th century, the palace was rebuilt by the owner of the Carlsberg Breweries, J. C. Jacobsen.

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  • You will be picked up from your hotel by a private vehicle with driver and a guide for a half day visit of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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  • The city of the Vikings, Roskilde, includes three major attractions: the rock festival, one of the largest in Europe, the Viking Ship Museum and the cathedral, listed as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. We will only pay attention to the last two. The Viking Ship Museum located in historic Roskilde, a mere 25 minutes from Copenhagen, A thousand years ago, the North was ruled by the pirates of that time, better known as theVikings. These ferocious warriors used to cruise the oceans in their wooden ships, raiding and conquering land on their way. At The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you can get a peek into the life of the Vikings that have become very symbolic for the Scandinavian countries. You will easily be awed when faced with the museum’s five original Viking ships whose remains have survived all these years.

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  • Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and home to the Øresund Bridge, which connects Sweden to Denmark over the Øresund Strait. Founded in 1272 as a fortified port 20 km from Lund, Malmö was for centuries the second largest Danish city while Scania was under Danish rule. Today about one third of the Malmö population are from various other countries, making the city the most cosmopolitan in Sweden. The soaring views along the way are enough of a reason to visit, but Malmo is also a key player in Sweden’s art scene, with a remarkable collection of art galleries and museums, including celebrated contemporary galleries like the Malmö Konsthall and Moderna Museet Malmö.

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  • Ebeltoft city is known for its old town center with cobble-stoned streets and centuries-old half-timbered houses.

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  • Egeskov Castle is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings and features a real moat, spires, a knight’s hall and ghastly creatures in its masonry.

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  • Skagen is Denmark's northernmost town, on the east coast of the Skagen Odde peninsula in the far north of Jutland. The Port of Skagen is Denmark's main fishing port and it also has a thriving tourist industry, attracting 2 million people annually.

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