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    Oslo is the country’s largest city and a cosmopolitan hub with an abundance of world-class architecture, museums, restaurants and shopping.

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    We have many names for the things we love, and few cities in Norway have more nicknames than Bergen. “The heart of the fjords” is one of them. Even though Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, it has the vibe of a small town, packed with charm and urban character.

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    Now Scandinavian cuisine is experiencing a new birth and over the past decade has won recognition and love all over the world. After an abundance of tastings, workshops, visits to markets and shops of modern and traditional dishes , decor and textiles. Of course, we will have free time to feel the spirit of Scandinavia and truly become not only gastronomic experts, but also true Scandinavians with knowledge of all the subtleties of the northern cuisine.

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    This amazing private trip will give you an opportunity to touch the history and culture of Bergen, to adore the natural wonders such as glaciers, canyons, waterfalls, and fjords, and end your journey in the most beautiful town of Norway, as admitted by locals - Ålesund. Each day has something different to offer, with most of it being the natural beauty mixed with thrilling emotions of driving through the countryside and ascending and descending along dramatic turns of narrow roads in the mountains. There is a good mixture of comfort and physical activities, which makes this tour fit almost every person of any age. The personal driver/guide will always be around to be a good source of knowledge and assistance along your journey.

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  • This short private tour will give you a chance to taste all that makes Norway a unique travel destination. With your private driver/guide and your private vehicle you will explore the scenic views driving through Norwegian countryside at your pace. Be it a fjordcruise, or a glacier hike - you enjoy your time in privacy in a close care by your private guide. If you have a few days to get to know the fjord region, you definitely will enjoy this 5day getaway from Bergen.

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