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Private tour to Volvo Museum from Gothenburg

At the heart of the busy Arendal industrial park just outside Gothenburg, from where Volvo still runs parts of its global business, there is a Volvo Museum.



Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



3.5 hours


Volvo Museum you can take a trip through Volvo’s history and heritage, all the way from the start in 1927. Their collection encompasses a wide range of passenger cars, buses and heavy trucks as well as marine engines and construction equipment.
Ever since the opening in 1995, the collection of museum has continued to grow. Apart from the products on display, they’ve also built up a comprehensive archive of historical documents and images, providing a unique view into the story of what became one of Sweden’s most successful companies.
But you don’t have to be a petrolhead (or a dieselhead for that matter) to appreciate Volvo Museum. There’s lots for everybody to experience – whether you want to learn about a unique piece of Swedish 20th century history or just want to be nostalgic about the good old times. And the youngest ones will enjoy the childrens’ car ­– a classic Volvo to play around in.
The Gift Shop at Volvo Museum offers a wide range of articles; from clothing and accessories to books, toys, collector’s models and classic advertising posters – the perfect gifts for Volvo enthusiasts of any age. Some of the products are not available anywhere else.

*Entrance tickets are paid separately: 15 euro / adult, 5 euro / child