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Private tour to Skokloster Palace and Sigtuna from Stockholm

Castle Skokloster is one of the most remarkable monuments of the Swedish great power.



Type of excursion:

5-hour excursions





Number of people:



5 hours


On the Peninsula in Ecoline, the Northern part of lake Mälaren, Skokloster castle towers (Skokloster slott). The former female Cistercian monastery and its lands in the XVII century moved to the fief of the family of Wrangel. Carl Gustav Wrangel, General, won fame and wealth in the Thirty years war, gave order to the architects Nicodemus Tessin the elder and Jean de La Balle to build a castle in the Baroque style. In the castle preserved authentic Baroque furniture, and a collection of weapons and works of art, which Wrangel during the war gathered across Europe. Well-preserved monastery Church was converted into a family vault. In her rebuilding were found runic stone of the tenth century, standing now between the castle and the Church. Great motor Museum is a historic aircraft, cars and motorcycles.

Sigtuna is charming town on the shores of lake Mällaren, was founded in the X century: the oldest in Sweden.
Small, idyllic, ideal for hiking Sigtuna glorious picturesque wooden houses, renovated the town hall of the XVIII century, nice shops, little cafes, restaurants, hotels and museum. In the surroundings of Sigtuna lies four palaces, including the Royal castle and Rosersberg Skokloster.

You can add an extra hour to your tour for lunch for extra charge.
Included: private vehicle, professional guide, beverages.