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Entertainments in Norway will fit any taste. This country attracts with its pristine nature and harsh climate as well as with national culinary masterpieces.



Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



3 hours


Apart from captivating landscapes, unique architecture and the abundance of cultural heritage, Norway is recognized for its exquisite cuisine. Discover the new Norway with its unparalleled flavours and combination of incongruous tastes in the country’s national dishes. You are invited to Bergen gastronomic visit.

The programme includes:
Fish market – one of the city’s major attractions.
Every day at 7:00 in the morning, Torget Square, located on the shore of a snug harbour, sees brisk trade
commence. There is fish and seafood for any taste and budget: oysters, shrimps, octopuses, cod,
salmon, lobsters, skates, and even whale meat.
Tasting: local seafood delicacies.

Bryggeloftet & Stuene Restaurant – is a renowned restaurant that operates from 1910 and remains one
of the most popular restaurants in the city until now. Its signature menu features fish and meat dishes
prepared according to traditional Norwegian recipes.
You will hear a word of greeting from the restaurant’s manager, a story about the development of restau-
rant business in Norway, hospitality and everyday life of Norwegians as well as the food culture.
Tasting: whale meat starter and traditional potato spirit “akevitt”.

Local meat and cheese store with a wonderful bay café, where you can admire the fantastic view on the fjord and taste local sausage products (deer, beef, whale meat) and various cheeses including the famous brown cheese.
Tasting: wooden tray of cheeses and sausage products served with freshly baked bread from a local bakery.

Specialized spirits shop Vinmonopolet
A guide will tell about the history of alcohol industry in Norway, table traditions, and main alcoholic drinks
consumed by Norwegians: beer, apple cider, vodka, and liquors (e.g. Fireball).

Café-restaurant Fløyen
is found on Mt. Fløyen with a gorgeous view on the city and the harbour. We will get here via Fløibanen funicular, and you will not only have a chance to visit the city’s most popular observation deck and make incredible photos, but also get to know about Norwegian desserts. A guide will share a concise story about Norwegian sweets and cakes, favourite dainties of Norwegian kids, and desserts that are usually served on holidays.
Tasting: traditional Norwegian waffle, coffee/tea.

The price includes: guiding services, tasting of several dishes and local products, akevitt for adults and juice
for children, funicular tickets, dessert, and coffee or tea.