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Hardangerfjord day trip – Bergen to Oslo

A scenic journey through a breath-taking landscape of Norwegian mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and blooming fruit gardens during a full-day tour. The tour to Hardangerfjord is designed as a one-day-trip from Bergen to Oslo. Part of this tour is dedicated to visiting the second longest fjord in Norway, which is the best way to experience the rough and raw beauty, that will leave even the most experienced travelers speechless.



Type of excursion:

Day Excursions


Autumn, Spring, Summer



Number of people:



20 hours


The trip begins in Bergen and it lasts about 14-15 hours. The bus will first take you to Norheimsund where you will board an Express boat to Eidfjord. This boat ride will allow you to experience probably one of the most beautiful sightseeing trips in your life. A cruise within the fourth longest fjord in the world – Hardangerfjord – is the perfect way of experiencing the breathtaking Norwegian nature as well as the thriving cultural heritage of the region, and this trip can offer you just that.

Once you reach Eidfjord, the bus will then take you further to the biggest waterfall in Norway – Vøringsfossen. After seeing this majestic waterfall the bus will then take you back to the Eidfjord where you will get on another boat which will take you all the way to the fruit village Ulvike. If you are lucky enough to be there in spring, you will be able to witness the beauty of the blossoming fruit trees.

After all these thrilling views, the journey will then continue by bus taking you from Ulvik to Voss. In Voss you will board a train to Oslo.

Important information:

Your tour tickets will be delivered to your hotel, please do not forget to share your hotel details with us!

Your tour itinerary will be issued and sent via e-mail, please don’t forget to check it!

This is a self-guided tour.