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Whale Watching Group tour

An unforgettable opportunity to see a large variety of whales, dolphins and birds in their natural surroundings.



Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



3 hours


Whales are beautiful animals and one of nature’s most extraordinary sights. Our experienced guides on board will share with you their wealth of knowledge on the whales, as well as passing on some interesting facts and old sea stories about encounters with these magnificent creatures. The whales round these parts are not shy, often surfacing quite close to the boat, and, as our sea-fairing guides will tell you, to see a whale up close truly is a sight to remember. There is over 90% viewing success.

Iceland is one of the best spots for whale watching. You depart from the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavík with a professional guide, who is also a marine biologist. The most popular species are minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins, but sometimes killer whales, fin whales, and sei whales come closer as well. The best time to see the whales is summer, but some of them stay in Iceland all year round.
Transfer to the pier is not included.