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Private Tour To The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is known for its special properties and its beneficial effect on the skin, that is why it attracts visitors from all over the world in search of health, relaxation and an exotic experience.


Iceland, Reykjavik

Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



4 hours


The Blue Lagoon company was founded in 1992. The aim was to research and prove the healing power of geothermal waters. In 1995, the research was finished with a positive result, and a few years later the waters of Blue Lagoon became a modern high-quality SPA.

If you take a closer look at the architecture and design of this place, you will see an excep- tional attempt to keep harmony between humans and nature. Lava corridors, moss and shapes of buildings make the Blue Lagoon a fantastic place.

In 2012, the Blue Lagoon was named as one of 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic. “Some people came to the water for healing. Others for pleasure. But all who came, left with a profound sense of wonder.”
* Tickets to the Blue Lagoon are not included in the tour price.