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Private tour to Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes peninsula is a UNESCO Global Geopark. It is hard to find a place with more unique geological formations than in Reykjanes.


Iceland, Reykjavik

Type of excursion:

5-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



5 hours


It is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level. You have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to cross
the bridge between two tectonic plates. Reykjanes is also a home of Krísuvík geothermal area and Seltún hot spring.

[Optional] Víkingaheimar museum: Víkingaheimar is home of the Viking Ship Íslendingur (the Icelander). Built in 1996, the
Icelander is an exact replica of the famous Gokstad ship, a remarkable archaeological find of an almost completely intact Viking ship excavated in Norway in 1882. At Viking World, you can also find the Viking millennium exhibition produced by the Smithsonian Institution called Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. This exhibition sheds light onto the Norse settlement and explorations of unknown lands. These two fine projects both celebrate Iceland’s central role in the discovery of North America 1000 years ago by the Norse Vikings.