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Fantastic Rovaniemi Tour

Great way to discover Lapland in 5 days. Weekly group program: 28.10-20.12.2020 and 08.01-30.03.2021



Type of tour:

5-day Tours





Number of people:



120 hours


Group tour available 28.10-10.12 and 08.01-30.03

Arrival to Rovaniemi airport or railway station. Transfer to your hotel. Check-in. Free time.

Breakfast in the hotel.

11:00 Rovaniemi City Tour and visiting Santa Claus Village
You can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle at the Santa Claus Village in Lapland in Finland. Santa Claus spends his time at the Santa Claus Village every day of the year to take care of his mission in life: enhancing the wellbeing of children and the kindness of grown-ups, as well as spreading the message of love and goodwill of the Christmas Spirit throughout the globe. Rovaniemi is The Official Home of Santa Claus.

14:00 Rovaniemi City Tour and Visiting the Arktikum museum
Arktikum provides information on Arctic issues and tells stories about Lapland. An Arktikum exhibition is an enormous information package of what’s going on today in the evolving Arctic region. It will also educate you about Lappish history, culture and nature from Rovaniemi to the further reaches of Upper Lapland. Arktikum is your source of knowledge when travelling to the North.

21:00 The Northern Light hunting tour by car
Price: 105€/adult, 85€/child 4-12 years
Duration: 2-2,5 hours.
The Northern Lights hunting is a bestseller outdoors night tour. 2,5 hours in a traditional tent with a campfire, on a lake shore. Warm outfit (if the temperature is under -15 degrees outside), a professional guide, a hot drink , some snacks on fire and hopefully the main feature – the Aurora Borealis – will make you feel the real spirit of Lapland.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Free time or Visiting the Reindeer farm and Reindeer Safari
Price: 129 €/adult, 99 €/child 4-12
Reindeer invite you to visit them: detailed familiarization with the private life of the reindeer and their daily work and relaxation. You have a unique opportunity to pass an exam on handling a reindeer sled and even receive a special “driving license” without any age restrictions or doping control. Have a seat in the sled and off you go! Getting cold? You can warm yourselves around a bonfire in a near hut and enjoy a cup of hot juice. In a traditional Lapp hut you will be “baptized” according to all rules of the North.

Snowmobile safari around Rovaniemi, 2h at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 daily
Price: 139€/person (when 2 share a snow- mobile), 199€/SNGL driving, 99€/child in sledge (4-12 y.o).
This snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile on the forest trails around the Santa Claus Village area. You will enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery, during the way we will make several stops to admire snowy nature. Duration of the program is 2 hours, including preparations. The riding time on the snowmobiles is approximately 1 h 30 min – 1 h 40 min. The average speed during our short tours is limited due to the safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on one snowmobile, single riding supplement for extra charge. The tour is suitable for anyone interested to experience snowmobile riding. Children are traveling in the sledge pulled by the guide’s snowmobile.

Breakfast in the hotel.

10:00-12:00 Excursion to husky farm
Price: 139 €/adult, 109 €/child 4-12 y.o.
Professional dog-breeders will introduce you to the Huskies’ life, daily routine and work at the farm. You will pass a brief course of “the young dog-breeder” after which you will leave on a 5 km safari (~20 min) on dog sledge (1-2 people in the sledge). You will have the opportunity to rest, take photographs and swap places on a short rest. On your way back home you will be offered hot berry juice, tea or coffee and cookies.

19:00-22:00 Daily Searching for Auroras by snowmobiles
Price: 165€/person (when 2 share a snow- mobile), 219€/SNGL driving, 121€/child in sledge (4-1 y.o)
The evening departure for a snowmobile safari will be a special experience to discover the magic of snowy forests at night. Given extra light by the white snow reflection or the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from city lights, looking for spots to admire the sky. The guide will light up a campfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish “makkara” sausages on the fire and we will serve Lappish berry juice to keep you warm. For taking proper photos in darkness, you can bring along the tripod for your camera. Duration of the program is 3 hours, including preparations. The riding time on snowmobiles is approximately 1 hour and 30-40 minutes. The average speed during our short tours is limited due to the safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on one snowmobile, single riding supplement for extra charge. The tour is suitable for families with hildren; Children are traveling in the sledge pulled by the guide’s snowmobile. We recommend having an early dinner in the hotel before the departure.
Please note: Northern Lights are a natural occurrence and we are unable to guarantee activity, vibrancy or colour on the evening of the safari.

Breakfast in the hotel. Check out till 12:00. Transfer to the airport or train station.

• accommodation in hotel with breakfast and use of the sauna in the hotel
• transfer airport-hotel-airport
• city tour Rovaniemi
• excursion to Santa Claus Village
• excursion to Arktikum (incl. tickets)

Additional group programs:
10:00-15:00 Ranua Zoo
Duration: 4,5h
Price: 129€/adult, 105€/child (4-12 years old)