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Turku city is home to a number of magnificent tourist attractions and impressive landmarks. The city has plenty to offer for an unforgettable holiday experience.



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2-hour excursions


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2 hours


The striking Medieval Turku Castle, beautiful parks, interesting monuments and statues are all to be found here, and this tour will take you to the most prominent landmarks. Puolalanpuisto is a large park located close to Turku Railway Station. The park itself is a lovely
place for a walk or a picnic. An interesting statue, “Friendship Between Turku and Leningrad”, is situated in this park. The Per Brahe statue is a monument to the general governor of Finland and first chancellor of the Academy of Turku, located in Brahenpuisto. It was designed by Walter Runeberg and revealed in 1888. Situated in downtown Turku, Samppalinnan Park is a popular spot regularly visited by both locals and tourists. The park houses the Samppalinnan restaurant, a mountain monastery school, an outdoor swimming pool and an old windmill.

Standard Turku city tour lasts 2 hours. You can add additional attractions to your tour for extra cost.

Medieval Castle +1 hour
The fortress of Turku Castle has stood at the edge of the river Aura since the 1280’s. During its history it has been a defensive bastion, a majestic court, an administrative center, a prison, a storehouse and a barracks. Nowadays the castle is a must-visit tourist attraction in Finland. The halls and chambers of the castle have witnessed major turning points and dramatic events in history – from the misfortunes of incarcerated prisoners to royal visitors and the elegance of court life. The comprehensive exhibition of Turku Castle presents the castle’s history up to the present day. The elegant rooms of the Bailey are styled with period furniture, costumes and treasures from the museum’s collection. In the Children’s Castle’s Knight’s Hall kids can dress as princesses or knights and step into the world of a medieval court. Additionally, the Children’s Castle includes the Castle Workshop, the Mini-court and the Castle-Elf’s treasure chamber.
*Entrance tickets to be paid additionally – 12€/adult, 5€/child 4-12 y/o

Craft museum Luostarinmäki +1 hour
Fully realised using wooden houses built in the late 18th-early 19th centuries which miraculously survived the great fire of 1827, the interior of the museum acquaints guests with the life of low-income townspeople of the XIX century, and workshops allow you to get an idea of the professions of the pre-industrial era. During the summer season, artisans work in these workshops. In August, during the days of craftsmanship, masters of old trades demonstrate crafts and skills of past eras to visitors.
At Luostarinmäki post office, all items are stamped manually with special stamps. The museum store Hantvärk sells quality handmade goods, and the store Höökar offers sweets in crochets and sonorous whistles. You can also pop into the cozy Cafe Kisälli, located next to the museum.
*Entrance tickets to be paid additionally – 12€/adult, 5€/child 4-12 y/o

Museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova +1 hour
The history and art museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is one of the three art museums in Turku, and the only archaeological museum in Finland.
During this tour, you can walk along the underground ruins of medieval alleys and get acquainted with ancient artifacts in the halls of the former palace of the manufacturer Rettig. Monumental works exhibited at the front of the museum tell about the city’s history. In the artistic part of the museum there are various exhibitions, both from the museum’s own collection as well as temporary exhibitions of Finnish and foreign artists. This museum is adapted to a wide variety of needs and interests, and you can spend a happy day here with the whole family and friends. After the tour, you can create your own coin (copied from coins of the 17th century) and shop for souvenirs in the museum store.
*Entrance tickets to be paid additionally – 12€/adult, 5€/child 4-12 y/o