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Group tour “Reindeer Herders’ Winter Day” from Rovaniemi

If you are looking for a truly authentic Lappish experience off the beaten track, we have got something for you. Seize a chance to become a professional reindeer herder for a day on a remote family-run farm.



Type of excursion:

2-hour excursions





Number of people:



8 hours


Reindeer herding is a Lappish lifestyle, and with us you can experience traditional, calm, albeit modern reindeer herding culture. The actual farm is located far beyond the city lights and facilities of modern lifestyle.
After a 1,5-hour transfer, your day as a professional reindeer herder starts with reindeer feeding and checking that everything on the farm is running as it should. The feeding is carried out on foot and by snowmobile. Once all the feeding has been done, it’s time to warm up with a hot drink and to grill some reindeer sausages on the open fire for lunch. After lunch, you will still have some errands to take care of, particularly a fun ride in a reindeer sled. In the end of the hard working day, your diligence will be rewarded with a bowl of steaming-hot reindeer soup.

Duration: 8 h (10:00-18:00)
Includes: transfers, shared program, reindeer safari (1 km), guide services, reindeer soup, sausages, hot drink