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Legends of Old Riga, Walking Tour

The guided tour includes a magnificent walk along the Medieval Hanseatic Old Town streets whilst enjoying the beauty of the Dome Cathedral, Old Guild house as well as the Riga Castle. One of the most famous buildings located across the Town Hall is the magnificent Gothic House of the Blackheads. The tour also provides an opportunity to see such famous points of interest as St. Peter's Church, Swedish Gates and Powder Tower.



Type of excursion:

2-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



2 hours



Riga is a city of good coffee, jazz, full of small delicious pastries and stylish cafés. You may not be able to get enough of Old Town’s architecture, which is quite legendary. You will walk past the splendid House of Blackheads located next to the Town Hall Square, and past the walls of fortresses and towers go into St. Peter’s Church and the Dome Cathedral. Then you will continue walking to the famous clock “LAIMA” and through a lovely opera park, you will head to the magnificent Riga Opera House.