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Jaunmoku Pils

When you visit Jaunmokas, you will experience how generously the area of the palace is treating us with the most sought after deficit of today’s world — unusual peace and unexaggerated beauty. To enjoy this experience without rush, the palace estate offers overnight accommodation in four different buildings and layouts. Choose your accommodation depending on your situation or feeling. Located 80 km from Riga





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Accommodation is possible – in the manor house, a small house by the pond and guest house
Here there is a place for couples and small families or even companies

The romantically stylish overall image of the palace is ideally supplemented with the Manor building — a modern-era hotel with 20 double rooms. It might sound unbelievable, but a hundred years ago, this building hosted the horse stable. The hotel in the Manor building can accommodate up to 60 overnight guests.

The Pond House is a great opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted idyll sheltered by the palace. Perfect for families or for a small group of close friends. The layout of the room is intended to make you feel at home even if you stay here for a longer time. For the convenience of guests, the room is equipped with a small but comfortable kitchenette, where the guests can make breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you want to spend a cosy evening and greet the morning in a company of close friends or family in the scenic landscape of Kurzeme, near the palace, but not quite in the palace, and you think that these are incompatible wishes, Jaunmokas has another idea: “Welcome to the guest house!” The two-storey guest house is a part of the historical estate of the Jaunmokas Palace.

The restaurant and cafe “Liepaleja” (Lime-tree alley) at the Jaunmokas Palace obtained its name in honour of the centenarian lime-tree alley in the palace park. Tastefully modest décor, highlighted with Art Nouveau elements, hushed ambience, impeccable service, and sophisticated cuisine are the quality criteria with which we treat our clients.
We also offer enjoying a meal from the special children’s menu.