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Cruise with lunch or dinner

To see the outstanding beauty of the Stockholm archipelago you can use our tour. In addition to great guides, the tour takes place aboard a classic boat of the early XX century, which gives the trip a special charm. The walk lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. This time, just enough to see the best of what is known of the Islands of the archipelago.



Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions


All Year



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3 hours


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Tourists go on the boat, launched in 1931. In addition to the walks on the most beautiful places of the archipelago, on Board one of the ships you can enjoy a lovely light lunch, during which you can enjoy hot and cold drinks as well as salads and pies. Going for a walk at 10.30 or 13.30, travelers will have the opportunity to pre-order a special dinner from the chef. It can be booked along with the tickets for the boat at a better price. In addition, from July 14 to August 12 a unique opportunity to see all this beauty in the evening time and combine the trip with dinner. The fact that it was at this period our company offers evening flights that depart at 18.30 minutes. We offer you to go on a spectacular cruise with lunch or dinner at the Drottningholm Palace and the archipelago. You nasladyatsya food and a glass of wine in a historic setting, while the ship will sail between the Islands. Your journey will take place on one of the old steamers.

Included: A steamer cruise, lunch/dinnerwithout drinks
transfers not included