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In the Sauna Boat you can experience real wooden stove heated from 70 °C up to 90 °C.



Type of excursion:

2-hour excursions


All Year



Number of people:



2.5 hours


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In the Sauna Boat you can experience real wooden stove heated from 70 °C up to 90 °C. There will be detailed instructions (DVD- show) on how to bathe in the sauna. In order to retain even heat in the sauna, we recommend that you place 2-4 wood logs in the stove every half an hour. There are no rules for how often you should throw more water on the stove. Whenever you feel like another wave of steam, go for it. You will be sweating a lot in the sauna, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids. There will be fresh spring water. Water is probably the best for you,
but beer and cider are what most adults enjoy as well. There are no real rules when it comes to sauna, and the way it is done totally depends on the occasion. The most important thing is to relax, socialise, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the blissful post-sauna feeling of having cleansed both your body and your mind.
Sauna is good for everybody. Only newborn babies and people with serious conditions like open wounds or heart problems should avoid the sauna. Everybody else can enjoy it with no worries, and in Finland, you’re more than likely to.

Duration of excursion – 2,5 hours.

Price includes:
– return transfer from Helsinki
– sauna boat 2h
– using Tommy Hilfiger- towels
– finnishmade linen seat
– lockers, birchwood, gasoline