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Ice track rally experience

Combine the exotic North with the thrill of speed by spending a day in Finnish Lapland driving around the snowiest Arctic landscape in Europe!


Levi, Rovaniemi

Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions




on request

Number of people:



2.5 hours


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Welcome to the Driving Center

When you arrive, you will meet our driving instructors for a briefing of the upcoming activities over a cup of coffee.

Rally Sprint Experience

We start the driving session with an instructor, who sits in the co-pilot’s seat, giving you valuable tips for driving in icy and snowy conditions. After four or five practice laps on the special stage, you will be more familiar with the rally car. Then it’s time to have a competition! As the flag falls, the race is on. The clock is ticking. Who will be the champion? You’ll drive six or seven laps, depending on the stage.

Rally Co-Piloting

During the programme, you’ll have an opportunity to hop into the co-pilot’s seat and feel how an experienced rally driver handles the car in that incredible way. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the speed of the ride!

While waiting for your turn to experience the thrill of a rally car, you can enjoy the speed of one of our “funny cars”.

Funny Car & Cross Car Driving

Our Funny cars are specially designed for counterintuitive performance. When you turn the steering wheel to the right, the car goes to the left and vice versa. It doesn’t seem too difficult, but try it for yourself! It is much trickier than you think, but we guarantee that you will end your ride laughing.

On an icy and snowy track, you’ll have the opportunity to test how a 4WD cross car functions in winter conditions. How does it feel to handle this specially made cross car between snowbanks and skidding around corners? This you can find out for yourself!