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Group tour “Secrets of the Snow Queen” from Rovaniemi

We all remember the well-known fairy tale written by H.C. Andersen. The main character Kai was kissed and put under the spell by the Snow Queen, and Gerda – a young girl – went through trials and saved Kai, whom she loved as a brother.



Type of excursion:

3-hour excursions





Number of people:



3.5 hours


We know that Snow Queen lives far away in the cold Lapland. Many brave souls did their best to approach her, hoping to persuade her, but her heart of ice is unable to feel anything at all. People have thousands of legends about her, but nobody has managed to thaw her heart. In this journey, children and parents become a part of the adventure. Together with a local guide, you will try to find Snow Queen’s Ice Castle in the wilderness, fight robbers along the way, and hopefully get the right directions from a mischievous shaman. Will you survive and return home safe or will you become another ice sculpture in Snow Queen’s fortress? To be continued…

Duration – 3,5 hours
Includes: Transfer, guide services, program, light dinner (salmon soup, dessert)