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Tallinn Old Town walking tour

A walking tour around one of the most beautiful Gothic cities of Europe – Tallinn. The spirit of tales surrounds us, while we roam the tortuous streets of Upper and Lower Towns with tall medieval buildings that feature weathercocks on its red brick roofs. St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Parliament, Tall Hermann tower, Dominican Monastery, Town Hall Square, Great Coastal Gate, Fat Margaret, St. Olaf's Church (12th century), the Church of the Holy Ghost (14th century), Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. “You will be lost in admiration of the beauty of architecture and the charm of the Old Town, which is overflowed with medieval legends.”



Type of excursion:

2-hour excursions


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2 hours


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This fascinating two hour Old Town walking tour starts from the famous Town Hall Square or any other place in Old Town. You will learn the history of Tallinn through interesting stories and feel the medieval atmosphere from a time long past.

You will see all the main highlights – the Latin quarter where a Dominican monastery was situated since the 13th century, Pikk Street, which used to be the main street of Tallinn in the Middle Ages, where we’ll find the houses of merchant and craftsmen guilds. You will discover the history of medieval Tallinn, the town that joined the Hanseatic League – the trading union in Europe in the 13th-16th centuries.

Next you will get acquainted with the medieval architecture of Tallinn, and learn what makes it so special. We’ll see churches of the Holy Ghost, St Nicolas, and St. Olaf.

The Old Town consists of two parts, the Lower Town and the Upper Town. After a walk in Lower Town we will head to Upper Town, going up along Short Leg Street. Here you will learn why people say that Tallinn is the town that limps. And what was the reason for discord between the two towns.

Finally you will arrive in Upper Town – the town of noble knights, landlords and soldiers. Here you will discover two cathedrals, Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Lutheran St Mary’s Cathedral.

Next to the cathedrals we’ll find the castle which hosts the Parliament of Estonia and one castle tower named Tall Herman. Here you will enjoy a view of the city from one of the viewing platforms of Upper Town.

After seeing Upper Town we’ll go back to Lower Town along Short Leg Street and finish the walking tour on Town Hall Square.